Terms of Supply

News Delivery Terms and Conditions

1. New Home Delivery orders will commence on the date agreed by the store and the customer.

2. All new Home Delivery orders are based on a minimum 14 day period. Unless on a promotional period in which case the minimum order period will be 14 weeks. If you cancel before this period has expired you will be charged for the full period.

3. If you require a break in your subscription for holidays we require 48 hours notice. Holiday stops after this point may not be processed and you may still be charged. A holiday receipt will be sent in with your newspaper, please check dates are correct if not please contact the store on 01332 810478 to rectify any errors.

4. Home Delivery service payments are to be made promptly on a monthly invoice basis. Payment is to be made within 10 days of receiving invoice. Failure to make payment will lead to suspension of service and legal action may be taken.

5. Any queries regarding your monthly bill are to be raised within 48 hours of receipt. Any queries after this period may not be processed.

6. Accounts which do not have a cleared balance for 12 weeks or more will be referred to a Debt Collection Agency selected by Castle News & Distribution Ltd. Any costs incurred by Castle News & Distribution will be payable by the customer.

7. In the event of adverse weather conditions or other Force Majeure events Castle News & Distribution Ltd reserves the right to suspend newspaper deliveries temporarily in which case your account will be credited for any deliveries missed.

8. Direct Debit and Credit Card payments may be made by the account/card holder only. For payments made over the phone you must have your bank card details to hand.

9. All payments should be made payable to Castle News & Distribution Ltd.

10. If a Direct Debit request or Cheque payment is rejected by the payers bank there will be a £2.00 administration charge per event.

11. Deliveries are not available to upper floors or areas with restricted access i.e. through security doors/gates, unless there is a prior agreement with a distributor at Castle News & Distribution Ltd.

12. To let us know of a change of address or to find out if your delivery service can be continued at your new address please contact our Customer Service team on 01332 810478.

13. Castle News & Distribution Ltd and its authorized agents reserve the right to recover all costs incurred in the collection of unpaid and overdue funds.

14. In the event of a missed or damaged paper you must contact us on the same day between the hours of 6am and 7pm 7days a week. Failure to contact the store within this time could result in no credit or replacement being given.

15. If we find your property to have a hazard which could result in injury to our distributor we will be unable to deliver until sufficient alterations have been made to make the property safe.

Customers with subscription vouchers

1. If you require a holiday stop or short break, please contact 01332 810478 to pause your delivery service giving 48hours notice. Any credit accumulated during requested breaks will be deducted from your next invoice.

2. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the vouchers are received in advance of the commencing date. Customers will be given a receipt for the vouchers which customers should keep as proof. You must contact the store on 01332 810478 if there are any errors identified on the receipt.

3. Late vouchers may not be credited.

4. At the end of your voucher subscription deliveries will continue unless agreed otherwise.

5. Castle News & Distribution Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions as and when required to satisfy commercial requirements.

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